MBMP History

Luke Incorporated (2006-2007)

Started in 2006, Luke Inc. started creating videos out of still images and low quality video clips. Band performances that were recorded were converted into YouTube quality videos. This is the humble beginnings of Exploding Can Productions. The channel that was used to upload videos, hjarblan or Hawaiian Jokes and Related By Luke and Noah, is the personal channel of Luke Eclipse-Ujano. When Luke entered High School, he endeavored to create more videos with better equipment and planning. After many name suggestions, the name Exploding Can stuck with the new show now titled: The Exploding Can Show. During Season One of the Exploding Can Show, Luke Inc. is seen at the beginning and end of the videos.

Exploding Can Incorporated (2007)

After the Exploding Can Show was established, the name Exploding Can became more recognizable. Because the show was created for everyone, Luke felt that he couldn’t just keep the entire show to himself. Under the name Exploding Can Inc., Luke expanded his writing and  directing staff.

Exploding Can Productions (2008-2009)

At the end of Season Two of the Exploding Can Show. The title, “Incorporated” sounded too business like. Productions was then used to replace it, thus naming the productions: Exploding Can Productions. Exploding Can Productions would continue expanding by adding Audio and Image Editing to their style of production. A sub-productions named Creative Factors was created to have anyone submit content to be used. The name Creative Factors became the name of the official club established at Hilo High School. As of February 2011, Exploding Can Productions has been permanently dissolved.

Maka Boy Media Productions | Exploding Can Productions (2010 – February 2011)

Luke decided that he wanted to create his own videos and not brand it under Exploding Can Productions. Maka Boy Media Productions is Luke’s own personal media production. As of February 2011, Exploding Can Productions has been permanently dissolved and replaced with explodingcollab.

Maka Boy Media Productions (February 2011 – October 2011)

Maka Boy Media Productions started producing videos and websites for clients while the original founders finished their high school education. After their graduation, the group went their separate ways and made it impossible to continue making local vides. Exploding Collab then became a back-up YouTube channel for MBMP. Maka Boy Media Productions returned to be a family run production.

Maka Boy Media Productions | Web Hosting and Media Entertainment (October 2011 – December 2012)

In October 2011, Luke decided to move web hosts from FatCow to BlueHost. During the process, the domain name: makaboymedia.com was registered. This sparked an idea to regroup with his friends and to have Maka Boy Media Productions as its own entity. Although Maka Boy Media Productions will still be owned by the Ujano family, identifying officer positions such as CEO, CFO and CTO have been filled to share the load with qualified people. All officers were nominated by their peers and accepted the responsibilities that goes with the title. Luke was named CEO, Reuben: CFO and Tyler: CTO. Megan was named as Secretary. Maka Boy Media Productions now manage websites such as makaboy.net, tytyweb.net, guinstudios.com and much more.

Maka Boy Media Productions | Maka Boy Services (January 2013 – August 2015)
On January 1, 2013, Maka Boy Services, a computer repair and digital media business was started. Maka Boy Media Productions was absorbed and transformed into the Media Branch of Maka Boy Services. From then on, any Video Production, Audio Production and Photography Services will be branded: Maka Boy Media Productions | Digital Media Branch | Maka Boy Services

Maka Boy Media Productions | Digital Media Branch of Maka Boy Services (August 2015 – Present)
Towards the end of August 2015, the HJARBLAN YouTube channel joined the Smosh Games Alliance YouTube Network. Maka Boy Media Productions is now officially known as the Digital Media Branch of Maka Boy Services. Any digital media project that Maka Boy Services participates will have MBMP credited.