Maka Boy Media Productions

MBMP is an organization devoted to media production and outreach. MBMP has three different types of
media areas. Video Production (Exploding Can Productions), Audio Production and, Image Production.
Video Production
Exploding Can Productions (ECP) is a video productions organization. Videos released by MBMP will be
branded as an Exploding Can Production. All credits from ECP and its subordinates will also be credited
to MBMP. ECP has a subordinate video production organization titled Reuben2011 Video Productions
(R11VP). R11VP is a video production group for Reuben Tate. ECP is basically the producer for R11VP. All
video production equipment and software can be rented out through ECP.
Audio Production
Audio Production creates new audio arrangements, creates print sheet music and records bands and/or
Image Production
Image Production creates new works of visual art and modifies existing art. Artists under CF may publish
their work under MBMP with full credit to the author. Image businesses are allowed to be hosted by
MBMP with full credit to their business.

Creative Factors (CF) has been established to help people who want to publish their media and express
their creativity. CF is now a chartered club at Hilo High School.
Producers are individuals who create media works for MBMP. The title may be given once an individual
submits an approved application and submits works that follow the constitution.

Maka Boy Media Productions Charter:

Maka Boy Media Productions Constitution:

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