Chicken Skins and Beach Days


Fried Ice Cream from Kuhio Grill


This is the look of happiness

“Time flies when you’re having fun!” Words so very true when you are engaged in doing the lords work. With the excitement of forming a new congregation, new faces, new languages, new experiences and many more opportunities to do more, my time has certainly been well spent… until you read this post.

After our Elder/MS meeting with our Circuit Overseer, a brother and I went to eat dinner. Since we were going to Kuhio Grill, I really wanted to get something that always runs out of stock, deep fried chicken skins. Basically it was pork rinds but with the leftover chicken skins from their meals. Without a doubt, they were sold out with the last order just placed moments before I got there. Devastated, I settled for a Fried Ice Cream (Opening Image)

However the next Sunday, my family went to Kuhio Grill for lunch and finally we could order chicken skins! We ordered two orders with one completely to myself 😀

After the International Convention, the middle room in our home became vacant. So my father and I turned it into an office. It is still a work in progress so there isn’t a photo, but because most of the furniture in my bedroom moved to the new office, I now have plenty of room to create an Apple Store with my recently acquired glass desk.


Note: Nope, I am not a certified Apple Genius

Thursday March 26, 2015 was Prince Kuhio Day in Hawaii, which means that myself and other state employees got the day off! YAY! So we took advantage of it by going out into the field ministry. Later in the morning, we went scouting new areas which lead to our woodsy and splashing moment. After service we joined up with Jake and enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach. What a great way to spend a day off!


Deep in the forest…


Can you see the huge splash?


Maka (January 2004 – February 2015)


Makale'a Coda Ujano

Makale’a Coda Ujano

Dear Family, Friends and Readers,

One week ago, I was given word that Maka, has gone missing.

Maka is what my mother calls a, “rescue dog”. Back in 2004, my sister was driving home late at night. Something ran in front of her car and she stopped to check. As she opened her door, a young dog jumped on her, cold and scared, it was, “hugging” my sister. My sister took the dog home, took it to the humane society and posted missing dog ads to see if the owner would recognize their dog. After 30 days, there was no word so we claimed him.

He was given the name Maka because he has an unusual pair of eyes. Maka is Hawaiian for eyes. When you shine a light in his eyes, one is red, one is blue. Maka was very active, he loved to play tetherball and escape from the fence.

Maka, however, was very sickly. He has had many surgeries to address sists that appeared around his neck and legs. As my living situation changed for a month, I was not home to see his health deteriorate. So when I was told that there was a possibility that he ran away to die, it wasn’t something that I could consider A lot of effort has been made to look for him. Including getting the Humane Society involved in our bulletins. How fitting since when we first found him, we posted everywhere to find his owner.

Because some time has past, I am ready to accept that he is gone and to me.. presumed dead. Maka was a very special dog to me. He slept on my bed with me for many years, even when he and I couldn’t fit comfortably. When I made a website, I was told to name it something that relates to me, so I named it Maka Boy. Because I made videos, and already had a website, I named my productions, Maka Boy Media Productions. When I started a businesses, I named it Maka Boy Services.

To me and my family, Maka was a source of joy that brought my family happiness for over ten years. Now that he is gone, his memory will live on by the means of this website and media productions and for now, my business.

All I can say now is thank you Maka, for protecting us, for loving us, and for bringing us happiness for all these years. You will be dearly missed. Good bye.

2014 International Convention in Honolulu

During the last two weeks, I attended the 2014 “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!” International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It was a great privilege to be in the Video Department and to see Jehovah’s hand in everything that we have done. Experiences and Pictures are coming soon, but for now, please enjoy a slideshow I have prepared to highlight some parts of my trip.


hurricane ana 2014

Hurricane season is almost done! With Hurricane Iselle and Julio in August, to Hurricane Ana this past week, people’s attitudes towards natural disasters are starting to become dull.

For example, in 2010, there was a large earthquake in Chile which caused a tsunami to head towards Hawaii. Sirens are blaring early in the morning, people rushing to the gas station, stores, etc. and also a cancelled Circuit Assembly Day. But despite all the preparation and madness, the tsunami did barely any damage. In the years to come, at least three more tsunami warnings were in effect. Each time locals would prepare for the worst, the result always ended with returned supplies to stores.

Returning to our time, Hurricane Ana did bring thunderstorms, wind and high surf, but it was not the type of weather everyone was expecting. Thunderstorms and lightning? Basic Hilo weather. Mostly all of the emergency shelters were empty when Ana arrived. In stark contrast to Hurricane Iselle which incurred massive damage in the Puna district, Ana was more of a light show that lasted a few days.

All this being said, will people let down their guard for the next natural disaster? Well, we shall wait and see. Highway 130, the main way in to Pahoa, is about to be overrun by a finger of lava within the next few weeks.