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Helping People of All Lands

In October 2010, I figured out a simple way to have the Watchtower Library available on my iPod. I was asked to share the information so I made a quick and easy tutorial on how to do it so that my friends could do it on their own. Only 26 people [...]

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I Play Flappy Bird!

Soo.... Flappy Bird. I was able to download the App before it was taken down by its owner. I got up to 15! However.. video proof doesn't show it well.. Take a look at my Flappy Bird video! [...]

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Chopping the trees at the Kingdom Hall

Today we chopped the hibiscus plants/trees at the Kingdom Hall. Juan Gonzalez chopped the trees down, Kamuela Foster and Derek Whittle loaded the trucks, Matt Fabry, Jonah Navalta, Ken Nitta, Dennis Maeda and myself drove our loads to the local [...]

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