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Branch Visit 2014

Today we watched the 2014 Branch Visit LIVE from Patterson, New York. We had over 200 in attendance today. As a family was moving, we wanted to take a picture of the congregation for them to remember us by.   Click here or on the [...]

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Hurricane season is almost done! With Hurricane Iselle and Julio in August, to Hurricane Ana this past week, people's attitudes towards natural disasters are starting to become dull. For example, in 2010, there was a large earthquake in Chile [...]

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Minor Updates to

I did a little maintenance on the site today. Updated CMS back-end code to the latest. Added a customizable Related Posts feature. (Image above) Re-enabled Email Subscription service on the Sidebar. I hope to make more aesthetic [...]

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Helping People of All Lands

In October 2010, I figured out a simple way to have the Watchtower Library available on my iPod. I was asked to share the information so I made a quick and easy tutorial on how to do it so that my friends could do it on their own. Only 26 people [...]

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