Maka Boy Media

Maka Boy Media Productions is named after our family dog, Maka. Back in the day, my father and sister used: “Maka Boy Productions” at the end of some slideshows. In 2009, I expanded Maka Boy Productions and started Maka Boy Media Productions. (MBMP)

What does Maka Boy Media Productions do?

Maka Boy Media Productions produces digital media such as: Photographs, Graphics, Website Design, Music, Video, Slideshows, Tutorials, and Tech Support for the city of Hilo, Hawaii and to the world as a whole.

What does HJARBLAN mean?

HJARBLAN is Maka Boy Media Productions YouTube account. HJARBLAN has been used to upload videos from three different media productions that I owned. HJARBLAN stands for: Hawaiian Jokes And Related By Luke And Noah.

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