Top 5 Favorite Orchestra Renditions (Sing to Jehovah/Sing Out Joyfully)

Here is my top five list of favorite orchestra renditions found in the new Orchestral Accompaniment for Sing to Jehovah and “Sing Out Joyfully” songbooks.

All songs are using the Sing to Jehovah songbook numbers.

When the new orchestral accompaniments for our current songbook came out, I found these few gems while casually listening to it. While most of them are renditions we have sung at assemblies and conventions, there were some that were treated differently. Some of these are also some of my all time favorite songs that I was happy to get the orchestral treatment.

# 5: 107 – Come to Jehovah’s Mountain

This version is basically the same as the music for the vocal rendition version. Whenever I sang along with the vocal rendition, I always felt an uplifting spirit as if I really was looking up and gazing at Jehovah’s mountain. Now we get to have that same feeling of inspiration while singing this song.

# 4: 92 – “Preach the Word”

First heard at the 2014 Regional Convention, this version of song 92 is a new orchestrated version that favors an upbeat tempo. In layman’s terms, it seems more of a march now, boldly stating there we go, off on a quest to teach people. This upbeat change was first heard in the children’s chorus version of song 92.

# 3: 142 –  Preaching to All Sorts of People (Sing Out Joyfully Version)

Song 142 was already a fun song to sing. But they made another musical improvement that’s found only in the background music for the new, “Sing Out Joyfully” accompaniment. They added what sounds like an African male chorus in the background and added more percussion, more noticeably, clapping. As I heard this, my jaw dropped in surprise and excitement because it really will change the  feel of the song as we sing it in the Kingdom Hall. If you really think about it, our music has always sounded very, “churchy” but songs like 142, 150 and 153 are an amazing shift in the way our organization views music played in our Kingdom Halls

# 2: 60 – He Will Make You Strong

Remember that super awesome version of song 60 we heard at the 2015, “Imitate Jesus!” Regional Convention? Well now it’s the new orchestral accompaniment for that song. This version sounds very emotional to me. Listening to it makes me feel very encouraged and full of hope. Most likely sparking from the video about the Philippines disaster recovery, this song now touches the hearts of all those affected by this system of things.

# 1: 55 – Life Without End at Last

Growing up, we sang this song mostly at funerals. Each time it is sung thereafter, there is always that feeling of sadness to it when it makes you miss your dear loved ones. But this new version has a faster tempo and uses more, “happy” instruments such as the guitar and chimes. Its sweeping crescendos before the chorus makes you really want to, “Sing out with Joy of Heart” When you are alone, probably in your car, listening to this song, you just can’t help but to feel happy and sing out loud to this uplifting version of this song.

This is no longer a sad song. If this was to be played at a funeral, people would leave with tears of joy because the music would remind us of the happy part of our hope of the future, not the sadness that death brings.

So thats what I think! What about you? Are they any versions that you like too? Let me know in the comments below!