Doing Mainstream Reaction and Unboxing Videos

Well… Star Wars fever is here… and looks like anything with Star Wars in the title is getting tons of views lately.. For example, I actually recorded myself watching the Force Awakens trailer on Monday Night Football on a very tiny TV..


This video grabbed 100 views in one hour… which is very surprising since most of my videos barely gain that much attention within a period of months or years.. But I didn’t stop at that.

Then I found the reaction videos of the two main stars and put them into one video:


WHOA DID THAT VIDEO EXPLODE LIKE CRAZY! It was the first of its kind… so amazing. As of this posting, it has over 22,000 views within ONE MONTH! It is currently the most recent popular video on my HJARBLAN channel.

Finally, Funko! is making a Star Wars exclusive mystery box called the Smugglers Bounty.
Get your own box here:

I made an unboxing video for it and within four days it gained over 500 views.

This video was also the most engaging my audience has been with me, leaving me comments, enabling me to interact with one on twitter.

I can’t wait to watch the new movie on December 17th with my parents. For the first time, I can take them to a Star Wars movie being a true Star Wars nerd. They were the ones who showed me the original trilogy on VHS and now I can take them to see Star Wars in the theater. Be sure that there will be more Star Wars videos to come.. and hopefully other types of content as well on the HJARBLAN YouTube channel.