Imitate Jesus! – Hilo Regional Convention


With my parents in front of the video wall I assisted with.

The, “Imitate Jesus!” Regional Convention series kicked off in many cities in the United States, including the city of Hilo, Hawaii! I was able to volunteer in the Video Department. My role in the department included a variety of things from setting up the video cameras, the media player, video wall, video headend, etc. We really felt Jehovah’s hand in this work. We experienced an array of problems, but with holy spirit and a lot of duct tape, everything ran the way it was supposed to. Yes, there were some glitches along the way, but quick thinking on everyones part resolved many issues.

11 PM the night before the first day.

11 PM the night before the first day.

The video dept. consisted of many new faces and talents. The following photos show some of the personnel and some of the things we did.


Video Dept. Volunteers

"Training" Ryan on Shot Guidelines

“Training” Ryan on Shot Guidelines


James running Camera 1


Josh on Switcher, Karl on PTZ, Kevin as Technical Director and me as the Media Player

With Jairus (Kona) and Louis (Maui)

With Jairus (Kona) and Louis (Maui)

My two friends from Oahu came down to help set up the video walls and to volunteer during the convention. We worked together in the Video Dept. at the 2014 International Convention on Oahu.

With Joe and Josh from Wahiawa, Oahu

With Joe and Josh from Wahiawa, Oahu

Everyone loved the Video Walls. Sent directly from the branch, it took about 4 hours to set up both walls, and less than 2 hours to tear them down.

IMG_0369 IMG_0285



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  1. Carmen Madero says:

    How exciting! Oh the power of duct
    I live in Yuma AZ and we have our convention this weekend in San Diego, CA (Qualcomm Stadium)…so excited:) thanks for posting

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