hurricane ana 2014

Hurricane season is almost done! With Hurricane Iselle and Julio in August, to Hurricane Ana this past week, people’s attitudes towards natural disasters are starting to become dull.

For example, in 2010, there was a large earthquake in Chile which caused a tsunami to head towards Hawaii. Sirens are blaring early in the morning, people rushing to the gas station, stores, etc. and also a cancelled Circuit Assembly Day. But despite all the preparation and madness, the tsunami did barely any damage. In the years to come, at least three more tsunami warnings were in effect. Each time locals would prepare for the worst, the result always ended with returned supplies to stores.

Returning to our time, Hurricane Ana did bring thunderstorms, wind and high surf, but it was not the type of weather everyone was expecting. Thunderstorms and lightning? Basic Hilo weather. Mostly all of the emergency shelters were empty when Ana arrived. In stark contrast to Hurricane Iselle which incurred massive damage in the Puna district, Ana was more of a light show that lasted a few days.

All this being said, will people let down their guard for the next natural disaster? Well, we shall wait and see. Highway 130, the main way in to Pahoa, is about to be overrun by a finger of lava within the next few weeks.



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  1. Dale gruhlke says:

    Makes one wonder if the brothers are really paying attention or adapting to the attitude of wait and see, “it won’t be as bad as they say,” most people’s attitude. Stay alert to the warning!

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