OSX 10.10 Beta – Challenges, Complications and Missed Expectations

***Disclaimer*** – THIS ARTICLE IS FOR APPLE GEEKS LIKE ME! …. Upon accepting Apple’s invitation to try the beta version of 10.10, I did agree to the terms which stated that I am not allowed to discuss the beta release with anyone not invited to the event. Since 10.10 is now available to the public, the information presented in the article is able to be published.

OSX 10.10 a.k.a Yosemite has been released! I have not yet installed it on my MacBook Pro yet.. and I am afraid to.


In July, I was incredibly happy to receive the official beta version of the operating system. Everything was ready to install, but before I could, it recommended backing up my current OS just in case. Usually I do not back up, but this time I thought, “Well, what if…” so I backed up my computer with Time Machine before I installed 10.10. Little did I know that only two months later, I would be thanking myself for backing up first..

My Experience

The new interface was incredibly stunning and useful. However, because I didn’t have the developer version of iOS 8, I couldn’t test out the new iCloud Drive. Signing in and out was a breeze, the laptop still turned on in less than a minute. I also liked the feature of signing in with your Apple ID.

Everything looked good, from Calendar to System Preferences. But when I tried to run some of the third-party software that I installed, it would always crash or take a very long time to load. Imagine that everything you click to type, you have the spinning pin wheel of death for at least 5 – 6 seconds before you are allowed to type anything. I thought it was isolated to just those apps, but I learned very quickly, and painfully, that it happened every single time I typed. I figured it would be fixed by the next patch.. nope!

Another thing was that I was not able to install any software on to my Mac. Apparently, they did not set the OSX number correctly, so software that would normally install on Mavericks OSX 10.9, it would not install because my computer said that it was lower than OSX 10.4

Using my computer became very frustrating because it now took longer than usual to get work done. At least once every time I use 10.10 I always say, “Why did I upgrade????? After two months of this, I finally decided that Yosemite is no longer in my best interest, so I used my Time Machine backup to reinstall my image of Mavericks.

Now that it has been released, I am not going to jump the gun and download it immediately. I am going to wait at least a month or two before trying it again. Just like when Windows Vista came out, everyone wanted to try the new GUI, features, etc. but it became so buggy that eventually Microsoft replaced it with Windows 7 a few years later.

I hope that all these problems with Yosemite are gone and taken cared of.. who knows.. each time I try to report a bug, the special app for it crashed each time. Let me know in the comments if you have found success with Apple’s latest OSX. If not, I would love to know if you found trouble with it as well.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    I downloaded Yosemite over the weekend hoping that somehow it would improve the misery I experience on my iPhone 4s and my iPad 2 since installing ios8 ( and 8.0.2). My iPad feels like I’m on dialup. I can type and then wait a number of seconds and then watch the keys on my virtual keyboard type what I just typed. Our songbooks are acting strangely in ibooks and epubs are unexpectedly highlighting everything and of course you lose all your notes too. My Mac mini, late 2012 model, is ok so far. Hopefully all bugs will be removed from the old apple soon.

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