Helping People of All Lands


In October 2010, I figured out a simple way to have the Watchtower Library available on my iPod. I was asked to share the information so I made a quick and easy tutorial on how to do it so that my friends could do it on their own. Only 26 people benefited from that article that month. In November, it increased to 382, then in December 790.

My website never got that many views in a month before so it was very exciting.. Then January 2011 came and 2,215 people viewed that tutorial. It was being viewed all around the world and being translated into many different languages. It was clearly very exciting! That year, 35,483 people benefited from the tutorial. In 2012, 56,175 people did, and in 2013, 55, 237 people. Today, a total of 20,172 unique visitors has read that article. (July 14, 2014)


Because I was curious as to where my viewers were located, in September 2011 I installed a Map that tracked the location of every visitor. That map, (Top Photo), has seen 7,975,101 visits from 228 countries since Sept 16, 2011. This shows that most people were clicking other pages on my website. Click here to view the map, live.


It really is a marvel to think that this tutorial has benefited so many people, in many different lands and tongues. Why? All because these people wanted to know how to put a comprehensive library of information regarding Jehovah God and his kingdom on their mobile device.

Since the making of this tutorial, the organization has released their version of an Online Watchtower Library and a great JW Library mobile application. I encourage everyone to use the official Watchtower Library on their home computer and to use these official resources.

Thank you to all those who have visited this website and please continue to stay with us 🙂