RBC Experience – How many techs does it take to fix a copier? (Part 1)


At the beginning of December, I was able to assist an RBC project on Oahu. There I provided computer tech support for the brothers and sisters who brought their laptops and tablets for the job. Here are the highlights of my experience:

The first day was spent making or,”terminating” category 5 Ethernet cables. I had to work with people who I never met before. (Except Sean W.) We spent hours making these cables. It truly was a bonding experience. We finished at 11:45 PM and made over 80 custom cables.



The next day, we started Morning Worship at 7 AM!! Had to leave the house at 6:15 AM to get there on time. After getting everyone online, the IT department spent at least.. Half an hour troubleshooting the network printer/copier. It took four techs to look around the copier for clues…. But only one to notice the plain and simple troubleshooting instructions on the screen. The picture I took was classic!


Later, we spent time learning the backend of a wireless network infrastructure by our overseer. It was nice to speak tech speak with people who understand what it is that I am saying.

Sure enough, the day wound to a close. They served us Lunch and Dinner, fresh hamburger and hot dogs, and a healthy side for those health-conscious people.

Later I will post a continuation of this article.. So stay put! There is more to come.



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  1. Valerie Smith says:

    That is funny. What a wonderfully, full spiritual life you have !!!

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