Chopping the trees at the Kingdom Hall

Today we chopped the hibiscus plants/trees at the Kingdom Hall. Juan Gonzalez chopped the trees down, Kamuela Foster and Derek Whittle loaded the trucks, Matt Fabry, Jonah Navalta, Ken Nitta, Dennis Maeda and myself drove our loads to the local green waste center and Steve Shigemi removed stumps.

Here is a picture of me with my second load. We pretty much had to unload it ourselves. If someone was there and willing to help they would.

Before we enter the green waste center, the trucks need to be weighed on a massive scale. This is how heavy the truck was before I dumped the material. Afterwards it shaved off about 200 – 300 pounds.


After loading the final three trucks, I joined Matt and we jammed through the last three truck loads.

This is how large the pile was, you can’t see the rest, it resides behind it. You can use me as a size reference, haha.


When we got back, after picking up an ax from Kamu’s house, the last hour was spent digging up the tree stumps, killing the roots and covering up the holes. After lunch the Ilokanos came to clean the hall. They finished up the small cleaning up. Meanwhile, Jonah and I did two more truckloads of stumps, making a total of 15 truckloads of green waste transferred from the Kingdom Hall.

After returning to the hall to find all our workmates GONE, Jonah and I headed over to his house to give our trucks a proper cleaning. I thought I would surprise my dad for him to see his truck nice and clean after a day of good dirty use.


Today showed that doing physical work for Jehovah can be refreshing and more satisfying than doing anything else. However, now I think the Holy Spirit wore off because now my joints are aching! But it was for Jehovah so it can be a good pain.