Rain, Cows and Pioneer Meeting

Yesterday, Saturday December 15, 2012, it was a typical, chilly, rainy day in Hilo. I dress warmly since I believe that it will last all day.  Dad was sitting on his chair, wrapped up in a blanket and a ski hat. He looked warm… Ohh I would do anything to just wrap myself in blankets and cuddle with my hamburger pillow. Keeping sure of the important things, I went to service anyways. We get to our field service group and there was a Keurig brewing machine. You should have seen my reaction when I saw that there was hot chocolate available!!!

Photo Credit: Jacob Koch

I made myself a cup and sat down. After we were dismissed, we went our separate ways to the territory. Found a dog today that resembles a younger Roxy. (Roxy and Jacie are no longer with us.. that is a whole ‘nother story for some other time)

We did a couple calls up in Ainaola, on our way to Ainaola Mart (Marty) we encountered a black cow walking on the road. It was astonishing since it was walking on the, “right” side of the road.

We visit, “Marty” and I decide to try the Mini kalua pork. For $5.25, I was given a very generous portion. Now I know where I am going to go for break. hahaha

Kalua Pig from Ainaola Mart

Kalua Pig from Ainaola Mart

After visiting Marty, we do more calls and head our way back to the hall at 12 noon.

At 1, we had the Pioneer meeting for our congregation. It was spiritually uplifting and I hope to apply what I learned. Here is a picture with our instructors.

Waiakea Pioneers and Instructors

Photo Credit: Sean Bello

Yes. Very good day today if I must say… (lol that rhymed)


3 comments on “Rain, Cows and Pioneer Meeting”

  1. Bill Walters says:

    Luke, that was great, makes me really miss Big Island and you friends. Looks like your dad in the back of the pic, tell him Bro Walters says Aloha.
    Thanks again, that really was upbuilding.
    Bill Walters

  2. Luana says:

    Hi! From Sis Luana, I live in VA usa, I miss Hawaii. 72-78, I was 9 when We left. My Mom served Jehovah then. At Ewa Beach.
    Sis and Bro’s


  3. Valerie says:

    Ok I am going to assume that your name is Luke….:)
    I came upon this website after I sent you a message of thanks for helping those of us who might not be so tech savvy. What a refreshing site you have provided. It is so nice to have a small visit with our brother’s and sister’s from around the world. I am going to look forward to more of your web site and news of the work and the brother’s in your area of the world. Quite a ways from Canada but very close never the less in our love for our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks again for the help in downloading my Bible finally.

    Warm Christian Love,

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