Changes for the Maka Boy Media Group

The Maka Boy Media Group consists of the YouTube channels: makaboymedia, hjarblan, explodingcollab. As of January 2013, the Maka Boy Media Group will be merging in to the Digital Media Branch of Maka Boy Services.

Why this change?

Maka Boy Services will be a business registered in the State of Hawaii as a Sole Proprietorship. There will be two branches: Computers and Digital Media Production. It is only fitting that since the equipment used to produce MBMG material is now producing MBS material as well, MBMG might as well merge with MBS.

Where are future videos going to be uploaded to?

We will still be utilizing the HJARBLAN, makaboymedia and explodingcollab channels.

What is to become of the HJARBLAN channel?

In January 2013, skits and Vog Vlogs will be uploaded to the HJARBLAN channel.

What about the makaboymedia channel?

Starting in January 2013 as well, the makaboymedia channel will be used to upload content specific for computer resource seminars, MBS projects and MBS client work that allows us to upload it.

Now what about explodingcollab?

explodingcollab will stay the same. Collaborative videos, if ever created, will be uploaded here.

So what happens to the Maka Boy Media Group name?

It stays the same. Although Maka Boy Media Group will be produced by Maka Boy Services, let’s just consider the Maka Boy Media Group as another YouTube network of creative channels. However, the name will be omitted from all Maka Boy client videos and replaced with Maka Boy Services – Digital Media.