3 Helicopters, 2 Trees, 2 Baboozes, 1 Ladder


So…. my Dad, Sister and I buy RC Helicopters. The instructions state that they are for INDOOR use only, but being the adventurous type, we decide to take it outside.

We charge up our choppers for about twenty minutes and head outside. After five minutes of unimaginable glee, it was followed by despair. My helicopter flew out of range of my remote and continued to elevate and move forward. Before we knew it, my helicopter was stuck in a 25 foot tree. At the same time, my sisters helicopter lands in a deep shrub or “boonies”

It was very depressing because we just bought our helicopters like three hours before and not even one day has passed and we lose them. Frantically, we attempt to retrieve my sisters one first. After failing to find it, we call my dad for help. He grabs his cycle and starts chopping down the plants. After 30 minutes of searching, we find the helicopter.

Next is mine! I can see my helicopter on top of the tree. Trying to figure out how to get it down, we ended up grabbing a ladder and attempted to saw off some of the branches. That didn’t work. My dad comes out with a chainsaw and starts chopping down the trees. Now the trees are macadamia nut trees. Trees older than me! (19 years old) The smaller tree falls like a twig. Dad starts chainsawing the second tree. The tree slid on to the tool and caused it to get stuck. In short, let’s just say that it took a little while to figure out that we needed rope to do the job.

After freeing the tool, my sister and I played tug-of-war with the leaning tree. Dad started sawing again and the tree fell down.

When the tree fell, my sister and I noticed we were in the, “target zone”. So we ran away screaming like little girls. (Yes, it is still possible)

In the end, my helicopter was saved, two trees were cut down, one fence broke and one awesome story to tell others.


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  1. Sean says:

    I was waiting for this post. What? No video? No action shots?
    You guys are so funny.

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