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After a month of sorting, reviewing and heavy decision making… I have completed the process.

On July 4th, 2012, I started to clean up my website of obsolete/unwanted or unneeded posts and pages.

While reading some of my old stuff, I came to realize just how different my thinking is now than when I started this blog in 2009. It was just 3 years ago, yet so much has changed.

I laughed, I cringed, and I even rolled my eyes at some of the posts.

I archived over 100 posts and pages throughout the month.

This blog won’t be updated regularly, but when I feel the need to blog, I will.

In the meantime, I attend Pioneer School next week! I am very excited and can’t wait to learn how to further my ministry.

Also, Sing to Jehovah Vocal Renditions Volume 5 is now available for download on the website. It contains timeless tunes, such as, “We Thank You Jehovah” and “We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses” so I recommend you to check it out!

Oh and one more thing…. I am an uncle again!

Luke and Kaeden

Holding Kaeden Silva


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  1. Hey, congrats on pioneer school! I know I’m late but I just came across your website today. By the way, I’m a sister in Texas. A married sister, so you don’t get the wrong idea here that I’m stalking a brother… well anyway. I gotta get back to work! LOL… have a nice day and I hope your pioneering is going well my brother!

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