Instagram. A program that was made out of love, then sold to a cold consumer product. I never took much interest in Instagram until I read an article about iPhone users feeling jealous that their exclusive product was now available to Android users. As an iPhone user, I can understand why they feel hurt. Something that was exclusive made us feel special. When Instagram entered the Android market, it was as if the cookies grandma baked for us suddenly was up for grabs by everyone else.

It was only after one of my friends suggested Instagram so that I can view her photos, since she wasn’t on facebook, I decided to open an account.

The first thing I noticed was just how easy instagram was to use. You take a picture, select a cool filter and share it with the world.

My first opinion was meh, but then I noticed just how big of an impact filters can do for your photos. Notice the example below. I took a picture focused on the blue skies, then added the Hefe filter. It enhanced the blue to a very crisp, refreshing tint.

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