The New iPad

iPad 3? iPad HD? iPad 2S? Honestly, I have NO CLUE! During the March 2012 keynote, all the presenters and TV spots, (also the website) call the next generation iPad, “The New iPad”

This new iPad has the new A5X Quad Core Processor, perfect to support the retina display included with the new iPad. Battery life is also expected to be 10 hours, but it really depends on how much you use it during the day.

The new iPad’s iSight camera has also been upgraded to something similar to whats inside the iPhone 4s. With this new camera, iPhoto for iPad has been released, also an upgrade to iMovie to support the new 1080p resolution video taken with the new camera. GarageBand now has a new feature to allow up to four people playing together on their iPads on the same network. This way they can record while playing on different devices.

4G LTE is now an option for the new iPad. You can either get it for Verizon or for AT&T.

Siri is not available with this new iPad, BUT! They did include a new Dictation feature. Now when you are typing, you can dictate what you want to say and it will type it out for you. This is a feature that my grandmother wanted. I didn’t want her buying an iPad because the only dictation software out there was Dragon. It was complicated to use and expensive in my eyes, but now I feel comfortable with telling her: Sure, buy the NEW iPad, and if you want to, buy me one too! haha I’m kidding.


So! This wraps up what I found cool in the new, “Resolutionary” iPad. For more information visit:

Photo’s are courtesy of Apple.