How to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using VMWare Fusion


Hey All! I just installed the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on my MacBook Pro using VMware Fusion. I installed a fresh version and was set up in under 30 minutes. Here is a step by step tutorial as to how to do it.

  1. Download ISO from Microsoft (Click here to visit webpage)
  2. Make sure the WHOLE file downloads. If you are installing the x64 version, then make sure the downloaded file is 3.58 GB.
  3. Open VMware Fusion, Create a New Virtual OS.
  4. Continue without disc
  5. Under, “Use operating system installation disc or image” Select the Windows 8 Install ISO. Click Next when done.
  6. IMPORTANT!  Select Microsoft Windows for Operating System.
  7. IMPORTANT! Select Windows 7 or Windows 7 x64 depending on the ISO you downloaded. Click Next
  8. Click Finished
  9. VMware will now boot from the ISO to install Windows 8. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the install.

Congratulations! You have just installed Windows 8 on your MacBook Pro! If you need help during the installation, feel free to google it and THEN comment below.


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  1. Yanny says:

    Got it installed (32bit windows 8 consumer preview) using vmware fusion but have no wireless internet functioning.

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