iPad 3 Reveal Event is TOMORROW! – CNET Live Blog

Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs holds an iPad 2


Tomorrow, Apple will be holding an event. This event has been confirmed to be releasing the new Apple iPad 3. Personally, I do not own an iPad, but I am always interested in how they improved from the previous versions and also whats new so that I can talk about it at work. (haha) But really. I plan on investing in an iPad sometime in the future, probably sometime this year. I have an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro… so I think that I have enough Apple things in my life.

HOWEVER! If you want to be updated as to what is going on in the event, feel free to subscribe to CNET’s Live blog at the event. Click here to go to the blog. The event starts at 7:30 AM in San Francisco

Since tomorrow is a meeting night, I am probably going to watch it later on that night. If I do, then I will also write a post as to my thoughts on the new releases.