New Projects – The End of From the Archives


Hello Reader!

As one project comes to an end, another takes its place.

I have decided to postpone the From the Archives series. Creating each episode takes a lot of effort, time and energy. Without an active audience to motivate me, I feel that there really is no point to overwork myself to create something that only a few will watch.

Video making isn’t all about the audience, but any creator would feel the same way as me if no one paid an interest to their work.

With From the Archives on the shelf, I can now work on meaningful projects that already have a strong audience. This process will take time to complete, but if it is done right, the video will be a success.

As for the other series, the Vog Vlog will still be uploaded occasionally. Inside the Can will still be produced for certain video projects. Maka Boy Media Updates or MB Updates will still be produced as a way to share previews of the projects.

I would like to thank all of my viewers who have stayed true throughout all these years.

This concludes our programming schedule.