Mozilla Firefox – Google Search from Address Bar

Firefox and Google Logos

Recently I have been using Mozilla Firefox. After four years with Google Chrome, it is finally bugging me out. Because I haven’t used Firefox in such a long time, it felt really awkward to use it again.

I love how it looks just as simple as Google Chrome and also how it operates like it.

The only thing that got me irritated was that it was searching from Bing and not from Google when I search from the address bar.

Here is a small tutorial as to how to configure Firefox to search with Google from the Address Bar.

  1. Type: about:config into your address bar.
  2. Click on the: I’ll be careful, I promise! Button.
  3. Under Filter, type: keyword.URL
  4. Double Click on Value and replace the current value with:
  5. Click on: OKAY

Congratulations! Now you can search with Google from your Mozilla Firefox Address Bar!

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3 comments on “Mozilla Firefox – Google Search from Address Bar”

  1. Reuben T says:

    What didn’t you like about Chrome?

  2. Luke says:

    It has become very buggy. It won’t load certain pages.

  3. Bidinho says:

    thank you ! It’s useful

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