ART 112 Website

This is a screenshot that shows a visual shot of my Hawaii Community College website.

As my first Friday media release, I will be posting my Hawaii Community College Digital Media website.

For my ART 115 (Introduction to Digital Arts) class, we are instructed to create a website using dreamweaver.

Yesterday, we uploaded our websites to the server for YOUR enjoyment.

This is the link to my website:


For the buttons, it is called a Rollover Image. I created those graphics using Fireworks. The banner at the top was made with Photoshop.

Soon, we will be learning Illustrator and Flash.

I am VERY excited.

As something fun to do every day, I will be posting a word and joke of the day. They are mostly going to be inside jokes and words that we laughed about during ART 115 that morning.

Please stay tuned to the changes to come on my HCC website!

Please submit your feedback by commenting below!