Graduation and Summer

AURITE! I graduated from Hilo High School!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! On May 20th, 2011 I walked the line and became an alumni. So this will be a quick update on my life.

After graduating, I visited Hilo High for a few days to finish some work before I left forever! Apparently some of my other friends had the same idea.

In June, I became an Auxiliary Pioneer and today, I filled my application for the Regular Pioneer service! It is nice to note that one of the questions was if I arranged my life to fulfill the hours. In fact, I arranged my Fall 2011 schedule so that I can go school for TWO days and then go field service the rest. I also decided to give up one month of Aux. Pioneering so that I can take my two pre-requisites. Since I am doing this, I paved my way to pioneering. I have faith that Jehovah will bless my efforts and will continue to help me make the time to preach his good news.

In June, we had our 2011 District Convention entitled, “Let God’s Kingdom Come!” The talks were so moving and I was very excited to receive NEW publications such as…… ahh i’m not going to spoil it for those who never had their convention yet.

I plan to post a photo album with these topics soon!

Thank you for reading!