101 – “Making Known the Kingdom Truth” in Romanian, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and English


Recently, my friend Sean requested that I do another mash up. After consideration, I decided to do one of Sean’s favorite songs: 101 – Making Known the Kingdom Truth. Sean can speak different latin-based languages which this song will be mixed from.

In the song book, song 101 only has one verse. In this rendition, the verse will play twice; one after another. Because I only had six languages to work with, each verse will be split evenly to present three languages. The languages were selected so that it will harmonize with each other and also for the listener to hear the distinct differences in the languages.

Verse 1





Verse 2




Listen to the song below!


(Acts 20:20, 21)


1. Antigamente, escuridão

N’était pas sûr de son chemin.

Then Jehovah sent the light,

La vérité devint plus claire.

Que honra é a Jah servir,

To serve the grand Theocracy,

Glorifié son nom béni,

Seu santo nome, enfim, glorificar.

Et aujourd’hui, nous témoignons

Aux coins des rues, dans les maisons.

Nous enseignons aux cœurs sincères

We teach the truth that sets men free.

And as we strive in ev’ry land

Jehovah’s worship to expand,

De nós todos se requer

— Falar do Reino enquanto Deus quiser.


2. Noi în trecut nu cunoşteam

¡Llegó la luz de la verdad!

poi Dio luce mandò,

Despre Regat ne-a învăţat.

Nos enseñó a amar su ley,

servire la teocrazia,

dare lode al nome suo

glorificando sempre il nostro Dio.

Fiel testimonio demos, pues,

Pe stradă şi la uşi predăm.

Ne străduim a-i învăţa

Un adevăr ce-i va salva.

A todo el mundo llegará

la fama del Señor Jehová.

Toţi slujind în mod unit

Pân’ ce lucrarea se va fi sfârşit.


(This recording was made for personal use only)

(See also Josh. 9:9; Isa. 24:15; John 8:12, 32.)



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