It smells like victory! 2nd Place on Oahu!



2011 Hilo High School Retail/Advertising Team 1


Last week, I traveled to Oahu to participate in the Career Technical Education Student Assessment Program. The competition I participated in was for retail/advertising. Along with 18 other teams, the challenge proved to be very exciting.

The challenge was to create a marketing plan and promotional items to promote Meadow Golds new line of products.

After 13 hours, we submitted our entry. The next day, we presented our proposal to a panel of judges. I think it was safe to say that they were blown away with our innovative ideas and designs.

Before the award ceremony, we had an extra hour and a half to spend. After moving luggage and walking around the Sheraton, sleeping felt like the best thing to do.

Luke sleeping

At the award ceremony, the suspense literally was killing me. When the time came to announce the winners for our category, I held my breath.

Third Place came and went. Second Place… Hilo High School! Gil, Matthew, Luke, Kolby and Matthew! My team screamed and jumped in the air. We walked toward the stage and received leis, a huge check of $450.00, a manila folder and a small trophy. The feeling of success was so sweet, I could not stop smiling.


HHS Team 1 - 2nd Place

When we returned from Oahu, news of our success was quickly announced at school. The group decided to split the $450.00 evenly between us. This experience certainly was life changing and I hope more opportunities like this will show up in the future.


Photos Credit: Kathy Oyadomari and Raynette Rezentes-Spillman

Here are a couple of pictures I took: