KVIKS Morning Announcements and Hiki No

The past two days has been very interesting. I auditioned and got a spot as a newscaster on Hiki No, the nations first statewide student network. We spent 4 hours on Thursday learning how to operate equipment and filming a practice run. I was so pampered at the film site! They gave me cold water, shade, and even: MAKEUP. Now they did NOT apply any make up to me. All they did was dab the, “shiny” off of me. Hiki No is fun, and I am glad to be a part of it. I was also able to direct the last few pieces of the practice run.

Starting last week, I became the news anchor for the Friday show of KVIKS, Hilo High Schools Morning Broadcast. Today, we started to use the special lighting system. People said that today, the set looked nice and bright compared to normal. We, myself and my partner Josi, had formal training from Hiki No, so we used the same energy today. I decided last night to change the way KVIKS is run at HHS. I decided to add categories and move things around.

Click the following for an example: http://makaboy.net/files/kviks/20711%20-%20KVIKS%20Announcements.pdf


Special Thanks to my friend Tyler, who took these wonderful photos: