1 Year Anniversary of Baptism

One year ago, an earthquake in Chile created a Tsunami that was forecasted to hit the Big Island. That same day, a Circuit Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses was scheduled to take place. This was no ordinary assembly for me, I was scheduled to be baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. But because of the Tsunami warning, the assembly was cancelled. The next day February 28th 2010, the session resumed and I was baptized with eleven others; showing my public declaration and dedication to serve my God, Jehovah.

Baptism is a big step in ones life. According to Matthew 28:19, 20 it mentions how people of all nations despite cultural and ethnical differences should attain knowledge of the true God and his son. This means that you need to be baptized when you’re mature enough to make that decision and have a genuine desire to do so.

One year later, here I am. I have served as an Auxiliary Pioneer for four months and I am excited to serve again next month. I have bible studies, people who are willing to learn more about the bible. I have been blessed in so many things, I praise my God for being able to teach and preach.