“Take Refuge in Jehovah” Special Assembly Day

On November 6th, Jehovah’s Witnesses from Kona and Hilo gathered at the Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium for a day of spiritual refreshment. Besides the fact that the kona and hilo brothers met together, what really made this assembly special was the visiting speaker, Bro. Lett of the Governing Body! I was able to meet Brother Lett a couple times and talk story with him. This was really a great encouragement for me, his talks focused on the spiritual paradise that we all enjoy when associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

With an attendance of 2,045 in the afternoon session, we had 28 get baptized at the stadium. The next day, Bro. Nalimu was baptized in his home, making the total count 29.



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  1. Lambert says:

    Love the articles and can’t wait to see more photos. Keep up the good work..

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