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Friday Field Service (Zoo) – Maka Boy

Friday Field Service (Zoo)

Wow, this past friday was a very interesting day. With the bipolar weather, what else is our little mix-matched car group supposed to do? After doing calls for most of the day and dropping off two of the sisters at the Kingdom Hall, we needed something to do for the last two hours. So, we decided to go to the Zoo!

After the zoo, we went to our favorite return visit 7-11. There, Dena saw the most beautiful thing in the world!


Five Pounds of Cavities! (Just Playing)

Don’t want to ruin that smile now do we? It was so big, Jason got in the action:


At evening witnessing, Richard brought his franken-car, it was a hit with the sisters!




After playing a small practical joke on the sisters when we returned to the hall, I hitched a ride with Skye, Jamie and Becky to the mall! After bothering Nicole at her workplace, we continued on to Ross then BACK to the mall. We met up with Jamie’s dad and sister and saw the Maki’s at Macy’s. After bothering Nicole AGAIN, we then left for No. 1 Chinese for a relaxing dinner. We were the last customers and they gave us free crab rangoons right before we left. The day was a lot of fun and to sum up how tired I was, I will let the last picture explain it.