Moving to Waiakea Congregation

Its been two years since my move to the Waiakea Congregation. At first, the feelings were very negative. I did not want to move to a congregation who I always thought of as a rival. I guess that the worldly rivalry between Waiakea and Hilo grabbed the attention of my heart. The last meeting that we were assigned to Hilo, I was home, faking my illness. My mother stayed behind with me and my father went to the meeting. The next day, I heard we were moving congregations. I never had a chance to say good bye to my brothers and sisters. The next sunday, we attended Waiakea’s first meeting in their new kingdom hall. I felt like the loneliest person in the world. I just sat in the back, people came to say hi, I said hi and just continued to stare at the empty stage. The meeting went on, and concluded. School was different the next day, my two friends from Hilo asked why I wasn’t at the past two meetings. I told them that we moved to the Waiakea Congregation. Over the next few weeks, I tried my best to adjust. Each meeting was a blur. When you looked at my face, you would have seen a frown or just a blank stare. I missed Hilo so much that I decided to visit a Hilo meeting. I was able to say my good byes and get one last look at the congregation. After that meeting, I was able to move on. I made new friends, I started to bond with the congregation. I have never seen so many youths in one congregation before. I have never seen the amount of time and dedication the entire congregation spent in the ministry. Slowly, but surely, my heart was being worked on by the love I received.

One shocking event that forever changed my life, was being invited to the movies by some brothers. I really did not want to watch it, but my parents encouraged me to go for the association. Watching Star Trek was one of the best movies I had ever seen. I had never been invited to the movies, unless my parents were there. Being invited made me feel like part of the family.

After one year in Waiakea, my spirituality started to grow even further. In 2009, I attended the International Convention, “Keep on the Watch”.  In just three days, my goal went from being an Electrical Engineer to becoming a full time minister.

Two years ago,  I never even thought of being a pioneer. Now, however, two years later, I am writing this as a Continuous Auxiliary Pioneer. I will now devote 50 hours in full service to Jehovah, every month, until I apply to be a Regular Pioneer. When I turn 19, I want to apply to Bethel and serve with my whole heart.

Two years ago, I tried to avoid going to boring meetings. Two years later.. I will do anything to go to an enriching meeting or assembly.

Two years ago, my average time spent in the ministry was about 4 hours. Two years later.. My average time is now 30 hours and will soon become 50.

Two years ago…..


5 comments on “Moving to Waiakea Congregation”

  1. Oly Ujano says:

    I glad you understood why we moved. And we are extremely happy for the progress you made in the last 2 years.

  2. aTOcHa says:

    Thanks for an upbuilding post , Luke. The encouragement is mutual. See U Friday!

  3. #13 Trece says:

    Luke, thank you for the post, I am truly happy for you and see such great spiritual progress in you, thank you also for the night you made us that excellent meatloaf for dinner, We (Da Gonzalez Family Appreciate You)..see you at da assembly..

  4. Jake Koch says:

    Luke, WOW! You are a very Positive, Encouraging, And Spiritual Brother. Continue to serve Jehovah and pursue your goals, you Make The Koch Family Proud and Especially Jehovah Proud. Keep Us the Find work.

  5. Jake Koch says:

    Keep *up The find Work.

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