1 Year Anniversary!

MakaBoy.net is officially ONE YEAR OLD! This is now the FIRST time I ever renewed the SAME WEBSITE! (besides Hilo High Robotics)

I would like to thank the 2,466 visits that I received on my website this year.

Whats going to be new this year? Well, within the next 12 months, I hope to successfully complete some projects that were pushed back. I hope to put more posts about my views on holidays and also more technical tutorials.

If you have an idea as to what you would like me to blog about, just comment below!


2 comments on “1 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Lambert says:

    Congratulations! How come you only told me about your website recently if it’s been up for about a year. I thought we were friends.

  2. Luke says:

    haha! I never started to visit you regularly until recently!

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