Vocal Renditions Volume 2

I am soo excited! Today my dad handed me a CD and with closer observation, I noticed that it was the new Sing to Jehovah Vocal Renditions Volume 2! He said Bro. Maki gave it to him today and it was from his brother serving in Bethel New York! It was a wonderful surprise for me as I found it was available online to download at JW.org. I thought it was funny because I was checking every single day to see if it was available.

Here is a list of songs in the new CD:

Title / Song Format
Sing to Jehovah–Vocal Renditions, Disc 2 MP3 AAC
074-V The Joy of Jehovah MP3 AAC
095-V “Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good” MP3 AAC
069-V Make Me Know Your Ways MP3 AAC
130-V The Miracle of Life MP3 AAC
060-V He Will Make You Strong MP3 AAC
107-V Come to Jehovah’s Mountain MP3 AAC
088-V Children Are a Trust From God MP3 AAC
081-V “Give Us More Faith” MP3 AAC
058-V My Prayer of Dedication MP3 AAC
108-V Praise Jehovah for His Kingdom MP3 AAC
116-V The Light Gets Brighter MP3 AAC
123-V Shepherds—Gifts in Men MP3 AAC
124-V Receive Them With Hospitality MP3 AAC
061-V What Sort of Person I Should Be MP3 AAC
064-V Make the Truth Your Own MP3 AAC
008-V The Lord’s Evening Meal MP3 AAC
068-V A Prayer of the Lowly One MP3 AAC
057-V The Meditation of My Heart MP3 AAC
085-V A Full Reward From Jehovah MP3 AAC