EH!!! What’s new Luke?

Hey Guys! I haven’t really blogged in a long time! The last time I blogged was on May 7th, that was the day that my iPod Touch came in. This post is really to give you an update on what happened this past month and my current going ons!


Finals Month – This month is crucial so that I could pass all my classes! I have successfully done that by getting a close D in Chemistry.

Video Competition: The video that, Amber, Cody and I have made in class was submitted to the Olelo Youth xChange under the High School Division of Start Living Healthy. We learned that we are a finalist and on May 18th, Mr. Kapali called me and told me that we had WON! On the last day of school, we were presented certificates and a trophy! Here is the link to the video:

Vog Vlogs: I haven’t been vlogging, but all the footage that I took were mashed up into 6 different parts. You may find them here:

Laptop: On may 17th, my HP laptop failed to start due to a hard drive failure. I have been operating from my iPod and my mothers HP Netbook. I felt like I was in the Dark Ages. But today, June 4th, my parents presented to me a brand spankin new: Gateway NV59C. Way better than my old one for sure! I plan to make a Vog Vlog on that soon.

Instruments: Next year, I am assigned to play the Viola, Clarinet and BariSaxiphone


That was my entire month of may! Here is my goals for June

Vog Vlogs: Create new intro and create new graphics. Make new videos

Software: I need to install certain software and figure out some licencing issues.

Media and Documents: I do need to send over some saved files on my external hard drive to the new laptop.

Memory Restore: I need to salvage the SATA drive and hopefully restore some lost files.

Chores: I need to keep my room clean daily and start to create a habit of doing my chores.


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  1. Papa Oly says:


    No forget, I am still administrator and password protected 😀


  2. Stefanie Ujano-Silva says:

    spoiled brat! you know, mommy and daddy never had to replace anything of mine! AND i bought my laptop with my own money! hahahahahahahaha! aren’t you glad i’m outta the house so you can get everything now?

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