Surprise Surprise!!!!!!

Today, I was happy to see my two bible studies join and participate during the meeting. After the meeting, my parents planned to take the Brother who gave the talk out to lunch. After 15 minutes, the hall was empty of everyone I usually talk to. My father was taking forever so I walked around and mingled with everyone. When I was just about to leave, I am called back to the hall to help with some important business. In the conference room, I noticed I had an ink stain from my pen. Oh well… When we finally left, the hall appeared  empty. I was worried that the brother was waiting for us a long time. When we got to Imiloa, We saw a familiar Brother and Sister waiting. Because we got our seats already, we passed by them and entered.

When I walked in, I was shocked to see Keisha, then when I look around, I see all my friends and everyone cheers: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a STATE OF SHOCK!!!! I never believed that anyone would do such a thing for me. It was an appreciation party because I have grown spiritually with all these people. Sister Chang gave me a beautiful lei and as I sat down, I started to accept what was really happening. Apparently, my parents have been planning this for weeks and I had no clue. I was either sleeping, busy or in my room to actually notice what was going on.

As the celebration commenced, there was a word search all about me! It was very interesting and when it hit 2 oclock, we all commenced to the planetarium for the two o clock showing. We were wearing 3D Glasses. I was sitting next to Dena and Jacob and we did these really interesting poses….

After the show, we visited the Exhibition hall. When it turned three oclock we rushed back to the planetarium for the next showing.

In the end, today was wonderful. I have never been this happy for a long, long time. I have just experienced how brotherly love changes and uplifts a person. Thank you mom and dad, thank you Stefanie. THANK YOU EVERYONE who came. And for those who couldn’t attend, there will always be a special place for you in my heart while we continue pressing on and inviting those, “thirsty” to drink lifes water free.


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  1. olyujano says:

    Well son you deserved it. Mom and I are so proud of your spiritual growth in the last couple of years. You have blossomed into a Spiritual young man. Keep up the good work. Luv ya. GAH did I say dat?

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