4 comments on “This is the Way (Mash Up)”

  1. Rynette Jale says:

    Hey Luke,

    How you doing? Long time no see. Haven’t been back to the Big Island or should I say Mountain View since I did seldom work territory last year. How’s your family doing?

    I love your “Mash Ups”! I can just imagine that’s how it would sound at an International Convention or in the New World.

    Just wondering how do you download the iSilo on to your iPad so we can download the Watchtower library? My brother and some friends have the iPad and want to download the WT Library on it.

    Talk to you later. Take care. Tell you family I said hello.


  2. Jean van wagner says:

    Loved this. Aren’t we blessed to belong to Jehovah’s organization.

  3. Yolanda hayes says:

    Is it possible to put the words somewhere so you do not have to have the singbook with you.

  4. Luke says:

    If you have iTunes, you are able to Copy and Paste the Lyrics from your Watchtower Library.

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