Welcome to my new site!

Hello everyone, Makaboy.net is now open for the general public. Here I will be posting my blogs, projects, promotions… to find out more, view the about page by clicking it on the sidebar.

Reasons to subscribe to this website:

  • You know you want to
  • Its FREE
  • You are a student at Hilo High School in need of a furlough calendar
  • You are in the HHS Band and you want to view your videos when its uploaded.
  • You are part of Exploding Can Productions
  • Your name begins with a letter in the English Alphabet
  • Your name is Kelley
  • If you are a spammer, you want to spam me with comments i will then delete.
  • If you are a flamer, you want another site to be blocked from.
  • If you are a troller, you got lost from your fantasy land.
  • You know how to RSS subscribe to me
  • You follow me on twitter (leclipseujano and or explodingcan)
  • You are my friend on a social networking website.
  • You know me in real life
  • You are a human bean
  • Simply you are curious!
  • Your password is NOT your name. (If it is, I hope your name is @#$ASCEG123
  • You are animal lovers
  • Your kat is named Buta
  • You made the homecoming shirt
  • You are actually reading the entire list

To subscribe to my feed, click here: http://www.makaboy.net/feed/

To create a profile on my website, feel free to register by clicking on Register in the Sidebar, under Meta.

If you are a novice computer user, please ask one that is experienced in RSS or simply GOOGLE what RSS means.

If you want help subscribing to me, feel free to email me at: admin@makaboy.net.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you visit me again in the future!



One comment on “Welcome to my new site!”

  1. Chelsea Pacheco says:

    I’m actually 12 out of 21 of the things you listed above. HAHAHAHA XD

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