A new week, a new website, a new chance

Hey everyone, its October 18th, 2009 and its the start of a new week! With new weeks starts new chances to make a difference, and hopefully accomplish ones goals.

Today I will be going to Kona for the day, dad’s giving a discourse at Kaloko. Mom wants to go shopping as usual. When we get back home, I hope that the brothers and sisters are still playing basketball at the nearby Gym.

Monday, Here is a quick reminder that Homecoming Week starts on Tuesday, Homecoming asked if they could hold a rehearsal at the school on Monday. Instead of sleeping in, hmmm.. I could walk to school…

Tuesday, HOMECOMING LOT, i SOOOOOO don’t want to do that LOT, i need a vacation already as is…

Wednesday, Homecoming FAIR after school 1:30-3:30

Thursday, Homecoming Court! I guess I will do that LOT.

Friday, NO SCHOOOL! Although… it is a furlough friday.

Saturday: Go out service.