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NYC here I come!

In 1993, my parents visited New York City. When they toured the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses, my mother tapped her belly and said, “This is where I wanted to be, this is where I want my child to be”…. errr something like that. Now, 21 years later in the spring of 2015, I have…


Chicken Skins and Beach Days

“Time flies when you’re having fun!” Words so very true when you are engaged in doing the lords work. With the excitement of forming a new congregation, new faces, new languages, new experiences and many more opportunities to do more, my time has certainly been well spent… until you read this post. After our Elder/MS…


Maka (January 2004 – February 2015)

Dear Family, Friends and Readers, One week ago, I was given word that Maka, has gone missing. Maka is what my mother calls a, “rescue dog”. Back in 2004, my sister was driving home late at night. Something ran in front of her car and she stopped to check. As she opened her door, a…

Int Conv 2014

2014 International Convention in Honolulu

During the last two weeks, I attended the 2014 “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!” International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a great privilege to be in the Video Department and to see Jehovah’s hand in everything that we have done. Experiences and Pictures are coming soon, but for now, please enjoy…


Branch Visit 2014

Today we watched the 2014 Branch Visit LIVE from Patterson, New York. We had over 200 in attendance today. As a family was moving, we wanted to take a picture of the congregation for them to remember us by.   Click here or on the photo for a high resolution version. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


Updated Tutorials (Procedures)

After realizing that some of my tutorials may be around 4 years outdated….. I took the liberty to update screenshots and instructions. The tutorials that are now up-to-date are as follows: Burning Watchtower’s and Awake’s on to CD’s and MP3 CD’s  Downloading Digital Watchtower and Awakes! Reading the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures…